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New Generation Emergency Window Unit

‘’VERI’’ is the emergency train window for next generation. It overcomes the problem of current emergency train windows with hammer. VERI is easy to remove glass but fixed when not in emergency. Also, it can combined with polycarbonate window instead of glass window.

  1. figure

    As an EMERGENCY EXIT in case of accident.
    With easy operation, you can exit in less than 30 seconds.

  2. As an easy and quick MAINTENANCE SYSTEM to replace the pane.


    Pane replacement in less than 5 minutes!!

    With blocking mechanism linked to train security system that allows the VERI to work only under circumstances requested by Customer, to avoid misuse or vandalism.

VERI system consist on two frames

  1. Main frame remains fixed in the car body
  2. Mobile flame with the pane incorporated

How to operate

Step 1 :
Activate of the system by handler, electronic pusher, locker etc. (Activation device are chosen by Customer.).
Step 2 :
The mobile frame with the pane incorporated gets out of the fixed frame installed in the carbody


Technical Data

  • Aluminum frames 6060/6063 adapted to any kind of car body.
  • Pane: Glass or PC window by I.G.P® & CLEARHEAT®. CO., LTD
  • Weight: increase of 1-3 kg / window.
  • Activation device: to be chosen by Customer: handler, electronic pusher, locker etc.
  • Tested up to ±5000 Pa in homologated laboratory according Deutsche Bahn specifications.
  • Internal test up to ± 8000 Pa.


The photo of the test in homologated laboratory